Pace Prints Announces New KAWS Prints at Art Basel Miami


It’s around this time of year, when we get in the holiday spirit, we reflect on the year that was and of course, start speculating about the KAWS print about to drop at Art Basel Miami.

Pace Prints, the gallery that has been bestowed the honor of producing and selling the prized KAWS prints is notoriously tight lipped about their annual release. Let’s be honest, if you’re not in the know and haven’t already secured your print, you’re probably too late.

That being said, it’s always fun to speculate right? Based what we’re hearing, here are some of the possible details print. We’ll see next week whether any or all of this is true.

  • Pace will announce the availability of the print via instagram around December 2-3rd

  • This year is a set of three prints

  • Initial offer price is around $60-65k. It’s unclear if elevator pricing will be in affect.

  • We’re assuming the number of sets will be limited to 100

  • We’re hearing that the prints are square/rectangular and somewhere between 3’-4’ in length

We’ll post the confirmed info and photos prints as soon as we hear it from the source. But for now, let’s all sit back, pray to the art gods for a miracle, and the bank for a loan.

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