Opinion: Everybody Can't Have Everything 



Recently, I’ve noticed the new trend; everybody goes after the same releases. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this, most of the time I’m going after the same stuff. But with Instagram and most people collecting like their friends, there’s simply not enough for everyone DAMMIT.

We have to get out the habit of attacking the companies releasing editions featuring some of the hottest artists out right now. Don’t get me wrong, I get some places completely back door releases, some even resell there own releases. But there are also fair publishers and producers who allot a certain amount to frequent buyers (but even that maybe first come first serve) and make the rest available online or in galleries.

When these companies offer release online, they get complaints about bots and flamed in Instagram comments by people telling them how to run their business. No one ever complains when they’re selected to get a new drop, but you’ll often see them complain when they are not.

I have a news flash for everybody “Anything easy to get ain’t worth having”.

- Sauce @stealsomethingillbuyit