A Conversation With Greg Bogin

Today we had a chance to chat with one of our favorite artist Greg Bogin (@gregbogin). Greg Bogin is a Contemporary abstract painter who lives and works in New York. His brightly colored abstract works are hard to miss even if you only get a glance. The shapes of the works are very unique and add a bonus to your viewing pleasure. 

We here at the league are now proud to present "A Conversation With Greg Bogin"

Can you tell us how you got started with being an artist?

"I was shy as a child so I spent a lot of creative time drawing by myself. As I grew up I realized that it was sometimes easier for me to communicate through art rather then through words. My mother recognized this and steered me to pursue art. I went to the Art Students League in New York as a young person, and later attended Music and Art high school which is now called The LaGuardia high school of the Arts. During this time I decided to seriously pursue art, specifically painting and attended The Cooper Union In New York receiving a BFA. Going to art school in New York put me in contact with the contemporary art scene and from that point on it was clear to me I would become a painter." 

Do the shapes of your works have any particular meaning or do they come to you once you begin?

"I spend a long time drawing before I make a painting, so during this process the shapes develop. I don’t specifically assign meaning to the shapes, I prefer to leave the meaning ambiguous and open to the interpretation of the viewer. 

There are shapes I consider more universal then others. The square, the triangle, the circle, I see as perfect forms and for me represent a sense of stability, the bed rock of shapes. 

I like the shapes to evoke a sense of optimism, joy, some times irony and happiness." 

We see you use social media and actually engage with your supporters is that something you enjoy, being able to interact with the everyday admirer of your work?

"Working in the studio can sometimes be a bit isolating so I really do enjoy  interacting with people who enjoy my work. It’s rewarding and encouraging to make contact and know people are responding positively."

With social media do you feel people can get the full beauty of your work through pictures? 

"I think social media has greatly increased the audience for art globally which is a good thing. 

I think the images on social media as with all photographic reproductions of art do a good job representing the original. My work has strong graphic elements so those translate well, but nothing can replace standing in front of the original work. The experience of the color, the shape, the surface, the scale and the spirituality of the work are best experienced in person."  

Case Studyo has been putting out some amazing work with some great artist. We see you have a highly anticipated collaboration dropping very soon. How do you feel about edition works going into a causal collector hands that may have never had an opportunity to own a Greg Bogin OG?

"I agree Case Studyo is putting out really fantastic work with great artists and I am happy to be collaborating with them.

 Art can make people happy and cross social barriers so I think the mission to make art accessible to more people is great. This is the  aspect of the project with Case Studyo I enjoy the most." 

I have been lucky enough to win an original through paddle 8 in a charity auction is important to you give back to institutions or any particular causes? 

"That’s really kind of you. I think that piece was in a charity auction to benefit MOCAD (Museum of contemporary art Detroit). I think it’s important to give back when you can if you believe in the cause. This is the case with MOCAD. I think what they are doing for Detroit is amazing so I am happy to donate to help them continue growing." 

Last  but not least what is your obsessions with bicycles(humor)? We see you post at least one awesome bicycle a day. 

“I do have an obsession with bicycles in particular road racing bicycles. I been an avid road cyclist for close to 20 years. It’s been an amazing influence on my life and has taught me lessons beyond cycling like pushing past boundaries and training when you would rather stay in bed.” 

“My work has been influenced by the graphics of bike racing and I have made many good friends through cycling. This year I have been able to combine my work and my obsession for bicycles  by collaborating with RaphaCC the British based bicycle clothing company on a line of limited edition bike clothing, and with Brompton a British based folding bicycle company on a limited edition paint scheme.”

If you happen to be in New York this weekend Greg is having show. The show opens Saturday June 8 and runs through Friday June 14th. Greg will be showing three paintings and one site specific piece in the galleries window box. 

The Journal Inc/ Tennis Elbow. 

45 White street NYC, NY 10013




This gallery is doing one week shows every week. They are open 7 days a week 12-6pm.