Kiss - Barbara Kruger

Untitled (Kiss - 2019) marries Alvar Aalto’s classic piece of modern furniture design, Stool 60, with a newly commissioned work by conceptual artist Barbara Kruger. With a career spanning the past fifty years, Kruger is internationally known for her pictures and words. Her photographic works, expansive installations and multichannel videos engage issues of power, gender, identity and value. - New Art Editions

Link - ICA London

Product Detail -

Medium: Artek Stool 60. Design Alvar Aalto. Finished in Kruger’s signature black, white and red.
Size: Ø 38 x h. 44 cm.
Initial edition of 300. (To be determined if there will be a 2nd run of 300. If so, with this image or an other image. Either way max. 600 Artek/Kruger stools in total will be produced & released).
Each stool is hand-numbered and finished on the underside with the artist’s stamp of authenticity. (Please note that Kruger more often stamps her works than hand signs them)
Price: £ 400 incl. VAT

- JM

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