Make Your Voice Heard - Ben Eine


New Ben Eine print is out now! There are 5 versions od the print, multi color which looks the imo is 500 pounds and the other four (violet, yellow, pink and turquoise) is 250 pounds.

In September of this year Ben Eine flew to Ibiza with Bloop Festival to paint a huge wall in the middle of San Antonio. Ben feels there is something going on, a change, an energy in the air, people across the globe taking a stand. From Hong Kong to Extinction Rebellion to Greta Thunberg, people young and old are uniting and making their voices heard.

To celebrate this change in worldwide consciousness and the new Ibiza painting, we at Einesigns, with the help of Ourtypes and Landmark Street Art have produced this stunningly beautiful screen print.

Link -

Print Details -

17 colour hand-pulled screen print with gloss finish
Edition size 50
Cut edges
Paper size 75cm x 75cm
Paper Somerset 310 GSM
Signed, numbered and dated 2019 by the artist

- JM

Instagram - @Jayawesum @Leagueoto