"Twinkle Toes" Devin Troy Strother New Opening


Yesterday Nevven Gallery presented “Twinkle Toes” Devin Troy Strother 1st Solo show in Sweden. The opening included a large Coloured Publishing installation, a new video, new paintings and a dance performance by Devin called “Twinkle Toes” Devins show will run until May 19th. 

Devin Troy Strother is known for his intricate alternative narratives in a variety of mediums (mixed-media, sculpture, neon, and installation). He finds inspiration in snippets of overheard conversations, movies, television, music, stand-up comedy podcasts, and the work of numerous canonic artists such as Joseph Cornell, Marcel Duchamp, and Henri Matisse (whose cutouts are put in mind by Strother’s exuberant collage constructions). Strother likes to incorporate humor and language relevant to his peers and does not shy from the outrageous; his titles often serving as the punch line.

- JM