Louis Vuitton – Artycapucines Collection

Artist - Jonas Wood

Artist - Jonas Wood

First launched in 2013 and named after Rue des Capucines, the Parisian street on which Louis Vuitton opened his first store in 1854, the Capucines bag has quickly become a contemporary classic.

With the limited-edition Artycapucines Collection, the bag's distinctive design and silhouette provides and ideal "blanck canvas" for six leading international artists: Sam FallsUrs Fischer, Nicholas HloboAlex IsraelTschabalala Self, and Jonas Wood. - New Art Editions

Each model of the ArtyCapucines collection will be distributed in a limited and numbered edition of 300 pieces from 25 June 2019 at a price of € 6,500

For order information  please visit Louis Vuitton

- JM