Todd James x Case Studyo "Tank Pool Float"

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 9.12.42 AM.png

Today Case Studyo released a great new piece with NY artist Todd James called “Tank Pool Float”. This is a must have imo even if you don’t own a pool or don’t like being in the water. For those out there that really know me, knows its going to be a insane display piece at the crib. Don’t take my idea ;) Ha!

Link -


Inflatable boat
Size L150 x W145 x H110 cm.
Edition of 200
Custom printed cardboard box

This tank is heavily armed and ready to battle the scorching summer sun! Go to war with the heatwave in the wettest way possible; it’s patented 360-degree airbag system is sure to cushion any incoming bad vibes, while the bursting barrel is equipped to blast any potential party pooper out of the water. Surf a lake of fire, ride a river of blood or conquer your local community pool, whatever floats your boat. Kick back, relax and enjoy the ride. - Case Studyo

- JM