GucciGhost x Print Them All "Original GucciGhost"

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Today at 9am pdt, our friends at Print Them All will be releasing new prints with artist Trevor Andrew aka GucciGhost. It will be a series of 4 colors, 10 sets with matching #’s will be sold together and the remaining 15 prints per color be available individually.

Print Details

Ed - 25 Size - 29.92 inches x 29.92 inches

Paper/Medium - BFK Rives 300 g./2 colors printed with Marinoni press lithographic and hand cut.

Signed & #’d

Link -

“The prints were created after I did one pull from the first ever “GUCCIGHOST” silkscreen that I have not been used since 2013. I poured resin on the screen so it will never be used again. This will be the last time you see this original version of the GUCCIGHOST.” Trevor Andrew

- JM

Instagram - @Jayawesum @Leagueoto