New Josh Keys "Tin Can"

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Today at noon, Josh Keys will be releasing his new print called “Tin Can” on 1XRun.

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Print Details -

Signed and Numbered Edition of 300, 24"x13"

Archival Pigment Print on 285gsm Fine Art platinum Rag Photo Paper - Price : $200.00

"I was daydreaming about space, and our place in it, and what our mark has been in/on the universe so far. Wherever we go, or how far we venture, everything we are as a species will likely come along with us, the good, bad and ugly. There has been talk of escaping earth, all of its man made problems, but unless we change our way of life and perception of nature and one another, our existing issues and problems will be tucked away in our carry on luggage.

I have explored a lot of terrestrial themes, nature animals etc, growing up in the 70’s and 80’s space has always held my interest, are there real ET’s out there, or have we already had a close encounter? I think there are three or four paintings in this series, and another of a satellite dish covered in graffiti titled “can you hear me now?” I have a few other ideas percolating in my noggin using this space theme. I am also a massive fan of Jeremy Geedes astronaut series, while his vision has a solemn emotional magnitude, my take is a bit more Monty Python and tongue in cheek." - Josh Keyes

- JM

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