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The Last Evening By Paco Pomet x Avant Arte Print Out Now

Avant Arte just released a print with Spanish artist Paco Pomet called “The Last Evening”.

The print is an 

Ed of 125

100cm x 81cm

Somerset Satin 330gsm

Mixed media digital print with varnish

Retail - $1,111.04

Link -

‘The Last Evening’ is a perfect example of Paco Pomet recent work, imbued with a melancholic feeling and permeated by the Romantic concept of sublime. In the words of the author: “On the majority of occasions this melancholic experience is translated into a joy, a communion before the beauty of nature: like a commemoration of ‘the figure and the landscape’. But, in others, this feeling is tinged with hurt before the immensity of the world along with the consciousness of lightness, smallness, and finitude of one’s self-existence. In these cases, the painted scene reveals itself as a haunting scenario where the changes in light conditions are filled with threatening intentions, showing the disturbing vastness of the space as well as the awareness of the inevitable passage of time”. - Avant Arte

- JM

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