⚔League Blog: OE or Not OE?⚔

@kaws (probably)

@kaws (probably)

Ok, a hot topic in the League Chat is about O.E. (Open Edition) toys or prints from our favorite artists. Let’s say hypothetically that I have a favorite artist, let’s call him “K” and he/she created a toy. The toy happens to always be with a friend and exhibits different moods, so let’s call it “Buddy.”  

Now, let’s say K releases a photo booth (different poses) of this IDK Buddy character about three times a year, each time in three different color ways. In the small print, the toy is labeled as “Open Edition” meaning toy can be rereleased whenever the artist feels like producing more. 

Some Leaguers (@jayawesum) say I have to have every release from this hypothetical artist (K). This other guy no one ever heard of (Sauce) is not against OE releases but feels his money could be better spent elsewhere on stuff he appreciates and will appreciate more. He (Sauce) also believes that instead of buying $10k worth of OE vinyl, you could put into something else that may gain value, is easier to look at, and is better to age with. He (Sauce) also recognizes that OE products enables those who never had a chance to own his limited vinyl works to own as many as they want for roughly $400 bucks. 

So the question I (Sauce) pose is would you rather have something (Open Edition) from your favorite artist (K) or save your money for something else and just admire the OE toys on @LeagueOTO?

Let us know, you can storm comments to any of our personal IG pages.