⚔League Blog: Is Your Collection An Investment?⚔



Question: Do you collect strictly for the love of the art or the monetary value that the art may hold?

This is a daily debate in the League chat. For me, I collect with investment in mind because I feel that spending $1K to $100K on something cool that never gains value is a waste of money. I’m not rich or well off, so I have to make all my money count.

Even with investing in mind, I still only buy what I love. I’m still focusing on what would I like to see on my wall. I’ve never bought and stored art that I thought would gain value.

When I first started to collect it was strictly for the love of the game. Never in my mind did I think of this hobby as being part of a portfolio. But as the amount of money I was spending increased, I had to come to the realization that this can’t just be for fun.

Over the past few years I’ve noticed people buying strictly for monetary reasons. As collections grow, monetary values increase and our portfolios get stronger. And anytime we use words like “portfolio” we have to discuss investment.

Investments are usually something we do that’s safe with upside and limited risk. It’s the process of throwing good money somewhere to make it better money. In our case were throwing good money to make it pretty money to make it retirement money. (let’s pray)

So fellow collector I leave you with a few questions.

  • Do you look at your collection as an investment?

  • Is your art investment value safe in your eyes?

  • Do you feel the more valuable your art is, the safer the investment will be?

Please let us know by leaving comments below so we all see.