Hello My Name Is - New Shepard Fairey Print


Tomorrow at 10am PDT, Shepard Fairey will be releasing his new print called “Hello My Name Is”. Retail $45usd Website Shoop Link - https://store.obeygiant.com/collections/prints

Edition 550

Size 18 x 24

Silkscreen On Cream Speckletone Paper

The “Hello My Name Is” paste-up in this print is one of those 11x17 copies and was inspired by the pervasive use of “Hello My Name Is” stickers with tags on them by graffiti writers. I loved all the graffiti and stickers in NYC, so this paste-up was a tribute to that world and one of my last images using the O.G. Giant face as I was transitioning to the Icon Face and Star as my main iconography. I threw a couple of other early images of mine in for extra texture and flavor. - Shepard⁣

- JM