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Ben Eine - "Be Bold Never Boring" Print

World known street artist Ben Eine released a new print called "Be Bold Never Boring" via a new site which he announced yesterday - Ben also mentioned a new instagram page @OurTypes where you will be updated with new products by Ben and future collaborations as well.

Link -

Print Details -

Edition of 150 

4 colour hand-pulled screen print


Signed, numbered and blind stamped by the Artist

+ Original Ben Eine typeface for personal use

Free worldwide shipping within 5-7 working days.

- JM

Instagram - @Jayawesum @Leagueoto

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Hello My Name Is - New Shepard Fairey Print

Tomorrow at 10am PDT, Shepard Fairey will be releasing his new print called “Hello My Name Is”. Retail $45usd Website Shoop Link -

Edition 550

Size 18 x 24

Silkscreen On Cream Speckletone Paper

The “Hello My Name Is” paste-up in this print is one of those 11x17 copies and was inspired by the pervasive use of “Hello My Name Is” stickers with tags on them by graffiti writers. I loved all the graffiti and stickers in NYC, so this paste-up was a tribute to that world and one of my last images using the O.G. Giant face as I was transitioning to the Icon Face and Star as my main iconography. I threw a couple of other early images of mine in for extra texture and flavor. - Shepard⁣

- JM

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The Art Of Banksy - Curated By Steve Lazarides (Unauthorized - Private Collection)

The Art of Banksy displays the world?s largest touring collection of Banksy?s works, including canvasses, screen prints and sculptures, all on loan from international private collectors.  Access to Steve Lazarides? (Banksy?s former photographer and manager) personal archive, photographs and art collection allows the exhibition to not only display iconic works like ?Girl With Red Balloon?, ?Flower Thrower? and ?Rude Copper? but also gives you a unique behind-the-scenes glimps of the creation of the artworks by Banksy. This touring exhibition is not authorized by Banksy. The artist is not involved in the curation of the collection.

Starting - May 11 Untill June 20

Link to purchase tickets -

- JM

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Ron English Blotter Edition Prints Still Available!

For the Ron English fans like myself, there are a few English blotter prints remaining over at 1XRun. Ron released 3 cool prints a few days ago like Starskull (image above) Rabbbit and Grin.

Each print retailed for $65 usd. Size 7.5 x 7.5 inches

Grin Ed of 150. Starskull Ed of 75 Rabbbit Ed of 50

All 3 images where sold separately and as a set as well. The set of 3 and the Rabbbit print is now sold out, so head over to the site and grab the other two images while you can before they are gone! 1xRun also released blotter prints with other artists like Jason Freeny, Buff Monster , Luke Chueh and more.

- JM

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New Shepard Fairey Print

Punk rock band OFF! is making a movie called “watermelon”. The guys started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to put towards the flick. Street artist Shepard Fairey created a piece for their Kickstarter which will help fund the movie. There will be a signed print, tee shirt and skateboard. So incase you are interested in getting a Shepard Fairey for a great price (and you don’t have to go against a bot) here is the break down on how to get one of these Shepard Fairey pieces.

If you pledge $40 or more you will get a OFF! Conspiracy T-Shirt (400 pieces)

If you pledge $65 or more you will get a OFF! Conspiracy Skatedeck (150 pieces)

If you pledge $80 or more you will get a OFF! Conspiracy 18x24 Signed Print. ( 200 pieces)

Great prices for the pieces above imo.

Here is the Link to pledge -

- JM

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